General Background :

5K Invoices per day3 Way MatchMail room Setup

3 Way MatchMail room Setup

Mail room Setup

Key Problems Identified

  • Incorrect scanning logic, transmission failures and broken rescanning process
  • Incomplete information on invoices
  • Non standardized invoices
  • Varied invoice fields

Key Improvements


  • Use of screen scrapper tool
  • Use of Data Dashboard
  • Automated drill down reporting dashboard


  • Use of first input at time of GRN for indexing & invoice processing
  • Introduced Machine Learning tools
  • > 100 productivity

Business Case

Daily volume of invoices >5000

Productivity per FTE was too low

Client target – Increase productivity by 100%

Typical Drivers for RPA

  • Standardized invoices
  • Use of OCR
  • High PO penetration
  • Use of first time input for indexing
  • Pre-coded
  • Use of screen scrapper tool